SYSTEMY is created to be used by a wide spectrum of users, which depending on their demands can use the different features and functionalities of the tool. In following we will roughly summarize the types of users according to their demands:

  1. Big OEM: for this user categorypresents a very useful tool enabling them to quick design and adapt their new model line vehicles which share the majority of power train components with other model lines, in this case OEMs can feed the corresponding specification of the already existing component into the database ofallowing it to consider those component for the calculation and optimization of the new power train or drive line.

  2. Medium-Size OEM and Start-Ups: this category of users can mostly effective use the design tool SYSTEMY: for such enterprises it is very important to enter the market with minimal cost, less effort and so quick, that means they must use/bey the existing components because they don’t have either the budget nor the time to develop new components, in this case, SYSTEMY can enormously support them to reach their goals very quick and effective. It will support them not only by designing their electric power train, but also will provide them with a huge database including all existing components needed for the power train design

  3. System Suppliers: System suppliers usually don’t have or develop all components of the power train themself, often they integrate third-party components in their power train system, in this case SYSTEMY will present a powerful tool enabling them to find the optimized components of the design and optimize the whole system including the own component for the multi-objectives defined by the client

  4. Powertrain Component Manufacturers:for component developer it is very important to have a feeling about the goodness and the suitability of the to be developed component and to benchmarking it. SYSTEMY enables you in this case to compare designs using your component with other ones using already established components and hence showing you in advance how effective, reliable, competitive and expensive your component is. This will support you by developing the right component for the right price and with the appropriate quantity.

  5. Vehicle Converting Companies:for those companies, who are specialized on converting the power train of already existing vehicle (i.e. fleet vehicles) from internal consumption engines to electric power train, SYSTEMY is a very useful tool as for such a company it is very important to get their power train converted without deep diving in details of the technology. Hereby SYSTEMY will offer them the whole needed tool chain starting with design ending with component selection, optimization and system conducting. Do you have you special demands which are not covered above? Please contact us, we can together custom your needs and make them reality!