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    Battery Management System

    Battery Management System

    Battery Management System Our designing of a Battery Management System (BMS) involves several key considerations to ensure the safe and efficient operation of batteries.

    A-Spice and Functional Safety

    A-Spice and Functional Safety

    A-Spice and Functional Safety ISO26262 Standards At BWS e-Mobility Technologies, we prioritize A-Spice and Functional Safety ISO26262 standards in our system design for electric powertrains.

    System Design Electric Powertrain

    System Design Electric Powertrain

    System Design Electric Powertrain At BWS e-Mobility Technologies, our system design for electric powertrains in automotive vehicles encompasses a comprehensive range of components and subsystems.

    Who We Are?

    We are a team of expert engineers at BWS E-Mobility Technologies GmbH, dedicated to advancing electric mobility through innovative solutions and strategic collaboration.

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    With over 15 years of expertise in electric powertrain design, battery technology, AI, IoT, and cloud solutions, BWS stands out as an ideal partner. Our diverse skill set, innovative tools like SYSTEMY, and commitment to sustainability make us the right choice. Specializing in collaborative team integration, offering customized solutions, and providing end-to-end support, BWS ensures success for your electric mobility and technology projects.

    BWS offers consulting in e-powertrain system design, component simulation, Scrum and V-Model project management, power electronics hardware design, and battery technology. Our tailored, expert-led services provide comprehensive support for electric mobility projects.

    BWS seamlessly integrates into your team, offering dedicated experts and qualified engineers. Our collaboration model emphasizes effective communication, flexible resource scaling, knowledge transfer, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results. We prioritize a collaborative partnership, ensuring the right expertise integrates seamlessly with your team for project success.

    Boost your project with 20+ years of expertise โ€“ Contact us now!

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